Reggie Warren Of Iconic New Jack Swing R&B Group Troop Passes Away At 52

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reggie warren

New Jack Swing era’s “Troop” singer, Reggie Warren, has reportedly died over the weekend on Sunday March 14th at his home.

The singer was reportedly admitted to the hospital in January and was released over the weekend to have his final moments at home.The fans of the group are mourning the passing of the star of the 80’s group which he was a co-founder with his childhood friends Allen McNeil, Rodney Benford, Steve Russell and John Harreld.
The group would end up with top charting number one hits with timeless classics.

It’s stated that he was surrounded by his loved ones at the time of his passing. Warren’s death isn’t said to be COVID-19 related but his family reportedly isn’t releasing a statement about the cause of death until a formal autopsy has been completed.