After announcing back in December that she was launching an all-women Battle Rap league,Remy Ma has returned with a trailer. Remy is a veteran emcee in the Rap game and wants to create a platform for more women in the Battle Rap scene, so she shared in an interview that Chrome 23 was on the way and would feature artists like Ms. Hustle, 40 B.A.R.R.S., and Jaz the Rapper. Now, Remy reveals that her league will kick things off at the end of the month.“Hip Hop. It has always been a male-dominated industry,” she said in a video uploaded to Instagram. “Not anymore. In 2022, women practically run Hip Hop, both in front and behind the scenes.”

“There’s a different breed of female rapper that is about to take over the world,” Remy added. “This type of femcee, she pushes her own pen. She uses lyricism, punchlines, double and triple entendres, metaphors, similes, angles, schemes…it can also get very personal. There’s no fancy production or sexy choreography to hide behind. Just pure talent and skill.”

Remy Ma previously stated that she had already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars of her own money to get Chrome 23 up and running, so to see it come into fruition is an incredible accomplishment.

“Female Rap will never be the same!” she wrote in the caption to the trailer. “@ChromeTwenty3 my all-female Battle Rap League [fire emoji] The first card event will be on Sunday, February 27th- invite only- but available for Live Stream viewing -it’s only right I take it back to where I started at!!! You don’t wanna miss this! Sidebar: I’m sooooo hyped!! Double Sidebar: This trailer look like a [fire emoji] movie!!!!!”

Check it out below and let us know if you’ll be tuning in.