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Remy Ma Says New School Can’t Be Compared to Old School

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The tension of old school vs. new school rap has been a strong debate that went to another level once the year 2012. There are a few artists of this generation who blame old school artists of living in the past and are too critical of the current culture that represents the new era of the genre of hip hop.

Anyone who takes an honest approach to how hip hop is presented in the present day will admit to the changes to aesthetics and how music is consumed in the social media age. With the advent of platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, there has been a shift of artists not needing record labels to reach the top of the charts as much as in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

The streaming era also counts record sales differently in terms of purchasers of the music not needing to stand in lines at music stores anymore as fans have easy access through apps such as Itunes to consume their music.

On a recent episode of State of the Culture, Remy Ma gave her thoughts about the new generation of artists who are penetrating the rap genre. Unlike any other generation, there seems to be a movement to discredit “old heads” for being out of touch. The popular word to discard a legend or veteran is “relevant” and it seems that it doesn’t matter how much work or body of work one has given the industry matters to those who are on the come up.

Remy Ma has always been one to not hold her tongue and she goes in on the trend not respecting the people who were before them. “This is my opinion. I don’t really give a f*ck about it. Let me get into my Remy Ma bag,” she begins. “Seriously, I really don’t care. What I think is that some of these newer artists are f*ckin’ trash and they can’t compare to some of the standards that were set. They mastered the way to stream and make catchy hooks and the wave that’s going on. That’s cool.”


Joe Budden who also came through the rap game in a different time stated how this generation benefits from having resources at their fingertips that previous ones didn’t have. “You n*ggas got it f*ckin’ easy,” referring to the new generation. Remy continued, “The only way to get rid of…to make it seem like what they doing is great is to get rid of the greats before you. If you listen to any of the newer artists that get a buzz or be popular, they always, ‘These old people need to do this.’ Now, they really want you to go away. ‘Go over there. I don’t want nobody that can actually critique what I’m saying. Go away, die, never come back, and let us do what we do.'”

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