RIAA Confirms Michael Jackson Is #1 Certified Black Artist In History

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The music world has been ever evolving with ways for fans to listen to music. This has changed the way statistics have been calculated to adapt to changing times.

Michael Jackson had a career that spanned from the late 1960’s to the day that he passed away in 2009. His life saw many ups and downs where his popularity peaked like no other artist or celebrity ever to being ridiculed and thrown accusations.

However, through it all, Michael Jackson still remains the top star in music history by any African American ever. The RIAA recently confirmed that Jackson remains the most impactful artist for his race.

The estate tweeted out on July 17, 2020 that “Michael Jackson is the #1 certified black artist in history, with the most gold & platinum certified sales”.

Some fans are calling for the estate to release Michael Jackson History 25 album to commemorate the accolade. To some even in the year 2020, Michael Jackson is still a “Thriller”.

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