Rihanna As Native UK Ranks 3rd Richest Musician In Country

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Rihanna is one of the most popular artists on the planet although she has not released any music in years. She moved the United Kingdom and officially became a citizen of the land which allowed her to achieve a new accolade under the Britain rules. According to Britain’s Sunday Times, Rihanna sits in the third spot on the UK’s annual list of its wealthiest music stars, her first inclusion in the rankings since this move to London last year.

She was only surpassed by iconic Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Paul McCartney, who both tied at No. 1 each with a net worth of £800 million, or approximately $985 million USD. Rihanna landed at the number three spot with a a net worth of £468 million, or approximately $576 million USD. Although the list recognizes the richest musicians, Rihanna’s wealth largely stems from the sales from her Fenty fashion and lingerie brands and her Fenty Beauty line.

Analysis from the list’s curator, Robert Watts, points out that there is a change happening in the United Kingdom where young artists are starting to emerge on the good old boys list which is a change from the past.

“If you look through the yellowing pages of the first list in 1989, it looks like a rogues’ gallery of middle-aged and elderly white men,” Watts notes. “It was earls, dukes and figures from manufacturing and finance. Now money is being made in different ways, and by all sorts of different people – like Rihanna.”