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Rihanna Gets Backlash On Israel & Palestine Neutrality

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Rihanna has been known to speak on social justice issues and isn’t one to fear rhetoric on world issues from politicians.

However, does the Barbadian pop princess backtrack when a certain nation of her fans believe she is taking sides in a war? The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict is getting very tense and so are fans of Rihanna after the artist has caught heat over a statement on the issue. In recent weeks, there has been increasing awareness regarding the airstrikes between Israel and Palestine as supporters of both sides have taken to social media in real-time to post updates. Rihanna surfaced on social media this evening (May 12) where she shared that she was distraught over the distressing news of innocent people dying in the crossfire.

“My heart is breaking with the violence I’m seeing displayed between Israel and Palestine!” the singer wrote in a text image shared on Instagram.