Rihanna Is Jamaican Meme Took Over Internet

rihanna jamaican
EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna is red hot this evening as she steps out for dinner at Carbone.

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It’s no secret that Rihanna is proud of her Caribbean roots and she represents the culture at events such as Barbados Kadooment. However, there is a growing contingent online that want the Barbadian princess to hail from Jamaica. A Twitter trend, #RihannaIsJamaican, is having people from the island of Barbados trying to defend their native star from people who are trying to convince the world that Rihanna is actually Jamaican.

Rihanna has performed on the song “Work” with Drake in Toronto at Jamaican restaurant “Real Jerk” which is the basis of some people for her Jamaican lineage. She has also performed the popular song at the VMAs.

The online community in favor of Rihanna being Jamaican are posting hilarious memes that show the comedy in claiming the Barbadian.

A twitter account told the world that they are catching up to the idea of Rihanna because of the video below.

The joke has gone so far to the point someone changed Rihanna’s Wikipedia page to show her birthplace as Jamaica. The correct information has now been restored to her bio.