Rihanna Snaps Over New Album Question


Rihanna is a bonafide hit maker and her fans have been patiently waiting for new music from Barbadian Pop Queen. The rumblings over the last couple of years has been that she is quietly working on new music that will have a Caribbean vibe to it. It may consist of mostly a reggae theme and the world awaits.

However, Rihanna, has been bombarded month after month about when the new music will drop. She let an interviewer at Entertainment Tonight know that she is tired of the question.

Rihanna did reveal that she would love to collaborate with Lizzo however in the interview.

“Gosh I love Lizzo. She’s so bada**,” Rihanna, 31, told Entertainment Tonight. “I would collaborate with her on the lights for this interview right now, like Lizzo is so bada**.”