Rihanna Speaks About New Album Being Experimental

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Rihanna teases that her upcoming album will be “experimental,” unlike anything she’s released prior.


Rihanna is a billionaire mogul, but her rise to prominence came at the hands of creating popular music.  Despite having 50 percent ownership stake in Fenty Beauty, Rihanna still finds time to work on her music. Her fans have been waiting for years on hearing what RiRi has planned as she grew her Fenty empire into $2.8 billion dollars entity with her stake being $1.4 billion.

It has, after all, been five years since ANTI was released in 2016, and some have given up hope that the long-awaited LP9 will ever arrive.

Recently, however, Rihanna offered fans a reason to hope that new music is closer to being released than ever before. She stated in an interview the following. “You’re not going to expect what you hear,” she teases, suggesting an all-new approach to her sound. “Put that in your mind. Whatever you know of Rihanna is not going to be what you hear. I’m really experimenting, and music is like fashion. You should be able to play. I should be able to wear whatever I want.”

“I treat music the same way,” she continues. “I’m having fun and it’s going to be completely different.” Years ago, rumors flew that she was going to have a reggae influenced album, but with more time to get creative no one knows what to expect from her now.

Are you ready for Rihanna’s upcoming and untitled album?