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Rihanna Speaks On Sha’Carri Richardson’s Suspension

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Rihanna gave a show of support to the banned athlete.


Sha’Carri Richardson seemed to be off to a great start on her path for the Olympics when she won the Olympic Trials in Oregon. It came to an abrupt halt however when she was tested positive for traces of marijuana in her system during a drug test. This resulted in  Richardson getting a 30-day suspension that was to end on August 5th. 
This made it a possibility that she could still be apart of the Olympics since she would have been able to win a medal as part of the USA Track and Field team. This was not to be though as she was not selected to be with the team at the Tokyo Olympics this year.
Her suspension was met with backlash online by fans and critics over the   marijuana policies and restrictions. Rihanna, who is known to be a frequent cannabis user, recently touched on Sha’Carri’s unfortunate suspension.

In a statement, the USATF team said it was “incredibly sympathetic toward Sha’Carri Richardson’s extenuating circumstances” and “fully agrees” that international rules surrounding marijuana use should be reconsidered.

Richardson notably tested positive for the substance after finding out about her biological mother’s recent death. “I know I can’t hide myself, so in some type of way, I was trying to hide my pain,” she said on NBC’s “Today” show.