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Robin Worling The Uncrowned NBA Slam Dunk Champion? Amazing Dunk



Robin Worling was born in Ottawa, Canada, and has been a fantastic competitor in the world of skating. According to Worling’s Instagram bio, he is an Ice Cross Downhill world champion.

A video was posted on Thursday afternoon where we see Robin Worling performs a 25-foot slam dunk on skates. Needless to say this may be the most creative slam dunk in history and we have seen our share of classics during the NBA Slam Dunk competition over the decades.

In an interview with Red Bull, he explained how he started in the extreme skating sport stating, “I thought it was cool, so I registered on the internet, and then I drove for 14 hours. But the event was cancelled.” He saw the event on television and wanted to be apart of the athleticism and got another opportunity after missing his first try at competing and the rest as they say is history.