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Roddy Ricch Has A Few Words For Grammy Naysayers

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The Grammy show came and went for another year and as usual there are those who are praising the event and others who have issues with it. Artists such as Lil Wayne, Public Enemy, and The Weeknd have all shown their disdain for the academy.

Roddy Ricch who was nominated for 6 Grammys this year, was not too pleased with Kanye West actions last year where he showed no respect for the Grammys.

He said via Instagram live, “If I get nominated for six Grammys, and a n***a I look to have twenty-five of these muthaf*ckas, and I come in here I want to get nominated for six this year,” begins Ricch,”I feel that’s a good number. And this year, the n***a just piss on that sh*t. How you think that made the world look at my accomplishment? That I worked for. ”

Roddy goes on o say he’s disappointed, and that he worked hard for his accomplishments. “I did all this shit! And you pissing on sh*t. That sh*t be lame.”