One festival is making major changes following the tragedy at Astroworld in Houston, as it has been announced that Rolling Loud California in December will officially be an 18+ event.

After ten people passed away at Travis Scott‘s festival in Houston last month, including a 9-year-old boy and several other children, many predicted that music festivals would change moving forward — especially as it pertains to crowd safety and security measures. Rolling Loud is taking steps to ensure that next month’s festival in California is enjoyable and safe for all, so they have announced that it will now be an 18+ event.

“We welcome everyone to experience our festivals, however, in light of recent events, we will be implementing an 18+ policy specific only to our upcoming 2021 California festival,” announced Rolling Loud on Monday. “We will be giving all ticket purchasers who are under the age of 18 the option to either roll their tickets over to next year’s 2022 California festival or receive a refund.”

While this appears to be a temporary change, it could end up becoming permanent as the Astroworld tragedy continues to be a primary topic in entertainment news. The festival’s organizers added in a tweet that they want everybody to “rage safely” at the upcoming show.

Rolling Loud is taking place in San Bernardino on December 10-12. Will you be in attendance?