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Rosh Grove – Rising Stars & Underground Artists Exclusive

Photo Credit: Mishka

Toronto-based R&B artist, Rosh Grove, Exclusive Interview

Photo Credit: Mishka

WorldWide Entertainment TV spoke with Rosh Grovefor an exclusive interview for “Rising Stars & Underground Artists”.  He is a Toronto-based R&B artist, who has released his new EP WEAKDAYS: Friday Vibes. The EP encompasses a soulful blend of of r&b, pop, hip-hop and rap. Written and produced by Grove, this EP aims to provide joy and calming relief to people amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. WEAKDAYS: Friday Vibes is meant to inspire feelings of relief, fun and positivity through joyful production and thoughtful lyricism.

Below is an interview conducted with WWETV Writer Karen Smith.

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Photo Credit: Mishka

WWETV: Hi, Rosh Grove! How are you handling hot weather in the last few days? Do you believe the different seasons bring about different creativity for artists?

Hey, thank you for having me! I won’t lie, I love the summer, but am not a big fan of the humidity it brings. Although it’s nice to feel steam sometimes, it drains too much of your energy. I definitely love the sun more when there’s a cool breeze that flows constantly. Kind of like when you’re sitting by the beach.

I do believe that seasons dictate one’s creativity for sure. Some evoke thoughts of joy while others take us a little deeper into our feelings, like rainy days for example. It also depends on your personal preference. My favourite season is Fall because my creativity peaks all throughout where I can create something for any period of time. To put it in perspective, I can still write a bop in the fall that would make you feel like it’s the summer


WWETV: How have you handled 2020 so far with all that has gone down?

2020 has certainly made things interesting to say the least. I never thought that I’d experience a global pandemic where the world ultimately shuts down and causes mass hysteria. If anything, it’s shown me that preparation is key in all aspects of life. You have to always prepare for the worst. I’m glad that I finished my record prior to COVID, and have stayed consistent with recording over the past year so that I’d have content ready while in quarantine. I’m thankful for the time staying at home too because it has made me appreciate my friends/family more, as well as fuelled my creativity when writing new music.


WWETV: Do you believe music is a stress reliever for artists and listeners and why?

Oh most definitely! I know a lot of artists would agree that making music is therapeutic. It enables you space to express your stress through an artistic outlet, and you often learn something new about yourself.  For listeners, music is used as an escape for many things. Whether it be sitting in traffic, chilling at home, going for a walk/run or going hard in the gym, people use their music to get away from what’s bothering them. I don’t think there’s one person in the world who doesn’t share that sentiment.


WWETV: Where do you see music going from here on out in terms of incorporating social issues that are currently going on?

I see it becoming more harmonious for sure, incorporating social issues into the music. It’s due mainly to us all being in quarantine. It’s made us pay closer attention to what’s going on in the world, especially in the black community.  The interesting thing is that it’s nothing new to the music world. It’s just unfortunate that a lot of conscious music has gone under appreciated for so long. However, I feel that the world is looking for music that’s more relatable now more than ever. Living vicariously is a thing of the past. Listeners want a more meaningful experience rather than dreaming about things that may not happen in their lives.

WWETV: How do you craft your music?

My process is rather interesting. As my own songwriter and producer, I usually begin with establishing a solid concept, titling my song, and then creating sounds I feel make a good match. I ask myself, what do I want to say with this and in what way? I may go the route of juxtaposition, where the sound of the song is upbeat but the lyrical content makes you think about what I’m saying. A good example of this is my song “Gotta Leh Go” on WEAKDAYS: Friday Vibes.  Overall, it’s a mix of creating sound and writing lyrics simultaneously that will make for a good listening experience.

WWETV: How long have you been creating music?

I started getting into music at a young age. As a kid, I was inspired to perform by watching my mom jam out to gospel/R&B records while we cooked and cleaned the house. I wanted to be the one to make those records that put people in positive states of euphoria.


In elementary school, I always joined the choir and talent shows. I wrote my first song when I was 11 and spent most of my adolescence trying to find an identity. I was initially more of a rapper under the name of R.T.B.theWriter, and posted songs on YouTube back in 2010. Over time, as I began taking it seriously, I rekindled my love of R&B/Pop and created a more authentic persona that you see today as Rosh Grove.


WWETV: Who are your favorite artists and why?

I am a huge fan of all kinds of music, so I have a lot. The most inspiring artists to me include Ne-Yo, City & Colour, Lecrae, Marina, Norah Jones, The Weeknd and Drake. I admire each of these artists’ songwriting the most, especially Ne-Yo and Drake. They all tell a personal yet unique story that people can relate to. The vibe they create with their work is so moving and I’m glad to be a witness to it all. They inspire me to create the same feelings with my music and connect with my fans.


WWETV: If you had a choice which artists would you work with and why?

This list would go on forever if I were to think about everyone I want to work with, but I’ll only list a couple. Drake, because I think we are very similar and from the same city that it would be an incredible experience. Post Malone is another one because his style is so unique and I love his vibe. Rihanna is definitely up there for me as well because she’s a legend. Getting to sing with her would be an absolute dream. Just to name a few others, Khalid, Andy Mineo, Kehlani and Justin Bieber.


WWETV: Where do you see yourself in the future?

I definitely see myself being a major artist in the future. What separates me from a lot of artists is the fact that I don’t accept defeat. I’m always looking to improve myself and understand that sometimes hearing no needs to be taken as “not right now.” I want to be one of the most influential artists of all time. My hope is to impact the world not only through my artistry, but through philanthropy as well. Using my influence to make the world a better place is the ultimate end goal.


WWETV: Where could people listen to your music?

You can find all my music on all major streaming platforms, as well as my official website. That’s where you can see my entire catalogue, from my days as R.T.B. to now!






Apple Music/ITunes:


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WWETV: Any last parting words?

For anyone out there who’s looking to pursue their dream, always remember these key things. There is no triumph without sacrifice, there is no benefit without hardwork, and any obstacle can be overcome with the right tool. Love and blessings!

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Photo Credit: Mishka