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Roxanne Shante & MC Lyte Take Historic Picture


This weekend has yours truly Venom busy as another milestone has occurred in music. Two women who paved the way for today’s generation of female rappers recently took a picture together. To the uninitiated, Roxanne Shante & MC Lyte were apart of one of the biggest rap beefs in women hip hop history. The two never really squashed it publicly until now with an iconic picture. 

So what’s up, Big Bahama Mama?/You know where to find me/You could never climb me/So why do you persist/To be placed upon my fuckin hit list/You a low-down dirty loser/Next time I see you, I’mma hit you with my Land Cruiser

MC Lyte – Steady Fucking

MC Lyte delivered a nasty diss track at Roxanne Shante after Shante went Kamikaze (excuse the pun Eminem) on the women in the rap game with “Big Mama” that included disses towards MC Lyte, Salt ‘N Pepa, and Queen Latifah.

You say you’re “Lyte as a Rock,” you get crushed like a pebble
One word, and I’mma bag her
Watch the bitch stagger, cause I don’t dig the bulldagger
To me a butch don’t deserve a mic in hand
Somebody tell her to stop acting like a man
She needs something real thick to help her out quick
(What?) And that’s a good piece of dick

Now as for that West Coast slut
With fake-ass hair, contacts, and a padded butt
Instead of “stompin to tha 90s”, use your brain
And stomp your ass down to Jack LaLane

Roxanne Shante – Big Mama

Historic moment for sure in the annals of hip hop history. This has been Venom once again with an exclusive article.