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Run DMC’s DMC – “Hip Hop Sucks” #OldSchoolSaturday

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(WWETV Network) Maloney of Breaking Wrecords Radio gets an exclusive interview with the legendary DMC of iconic rap group Run DMC. The man who helped to bring hip hop to a wider audience speaks about the hip hop game as if it were professional sports in terms of athletes giving a service for their company and then later being dropped after not being able to meet performance requirements that are expected at a certain level.

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He feels that in sports their organizations take care of their talents after their pro careers come to an end. He gives examples with Magic Johnson being an executive with Lakers and doesn’t see that same treatment given to artists in the music industry. The hip hop legend sees himself as building the label Def Jam with Run DMC.

DMC’s issue is that music executives who are let go are given severance pay, while the artists don’t receive the same the treatment regardless of their track record or success they brought to the record label.


The rap legend believes the hip hop scene is stuck in a rut due to record companies creating cookie cutter acts that all sound the same. He makes the comparison to the days of rap growing with different acts such as LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, De La Soul, and more.

He believes the lack of having standards for rapping and is the reason for it being in a rut. He sees hip hop has become too much pop music, but still has artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper that bring that true hip hop. However, he still thinks that rap does not give enough variety as it once did years ago. Check out the interview below.

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