The rap scene has gotten so bad with the violence and murder in the industry that Hip Hop culture has caused one of its pillars to ban certain songs due to its content. This is a direct reversal from the early days of hip hop when the deejays would be the ones to break out artists that traditional radio refused to play.

Investigators continue to look into the murder of Drakeo The Ruler as fans await news on an arrest or charges, and Young Dolph‘s alleged killers are awaiting their trial.Other rappers such as XXXTentacion also had their life cut short before reaching their potential. The rap icon  RZA, believes the genre has gone too far in one direction that is bringing for an imbalance.

“Growing up in the golden age of Hip Hop, we lost maybe like a couple of artists but not a dozen artists or more,” he recently said in an interview with Financial Times.


wu tang clan

The Wu-Tang Clan’s Hulu series An American Saga, shows the trials and tribulations of the iconic group. We see violence at times, but it is only a small portion of the total story of overcoming odds to live the American Dream.

RZA saw first hand the violence of rap ending in tragedy in the 90’s with Tupac Shakur and Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace.

“Sometimes Hip Hop music glamorizes certain things. It glamorizes prison life, it glamorizes gangsters and thugs. I understand that, because I grew out of that,” RZA added. “But it doesn’t give you the total tragedy of what that can end up being, nor are we being represented with a lot of alternatives. The point being made is there was more bounce, there was more substance. Hip Hop has become one-sided.”

Will the trajectory change for the rap scene if more of the icons and legends speak up about the detrimental nature of some of the songs to the community? Will the younger rappers take heed? Time will tell!