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RZA Gets Set For Wu Tang Biopic On Hulu This Week

WWETV has covered biopics such as “All Eyez On Me” (with co-star Dominic Santana), “Roxanne Roxanne” (Biz Markie review) and even announced another Tupac biopic in the works entitled “Rise & Fall Of Makaveli” by 2Pac’s cousin. However, the story of the legendary Wu Tang Clan who were one of the most popular rap groups ever that emerged out of the 1990’s have the world anticipating their biopic.

RZA who is the de-facto leader of the group spoke with Associated Press about the upcoming Hulu release that will encapsulate for viewers the road from rags to riches of the Staten Island legends in “Wu Tang An American Saga”.

RZA, who created the series with screenwriter Alex Tse, told the Associated Press why he decided to tell the story with Hulu, as opposed to a theatrical release. 

“The Wu-Tang story is vast and you really couldn’t contain it in a two or three-hour movie. Now, in a serial form, we can take our time and tell our story. The high and low nuances of it. Hopefully, it’ll inform, entertain and inspire,” RZA explained.