Sabrina Peterson Reveals Reason For Exposing T.I.

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Sabrina Peterson decided to speak on why she came out to accuse the rapper of holding a gun to her head and more.

T.I. and Tiny were beloved reality tv stars when they displayed their family unit and hustle mentality of creating an empire. However, an allegation by close friend Sabrina Peterson has that foundation being cracked due to serious allegations toward her former friends. The first accusation ended up leading to a barrage of reports related to sexual misconduct, rape, and drugging women.

The number of allegations ballooned up to two dozen alleged victims, while the Las Vegas lawsuit against the couple has been dropped, the others are moving forward, and T.I. recently shared that he’s ready to defend his name.

In a new interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Peterson addresses why she decided to call out the couple publicly. “I didn’t know that several people shared these type of experiences,” Peterson said in the clip.

“I do a post and it’s a caption, it’s not his picture, it’s not anything else. It was strictly a caption. It wasn’t a video, it was an image of me with a bullhorn,” she said, adding that the message was “you can’t be the poison and the anecdote” to your own community. Peterson claimed that she thought if there was something wrong with her post, Tiny should have just called her and told her to take it down.


After briefly discussing the alleged contradictions in T.I.’s activism, Peterson called the rapper an “oxymoron.” She added, “I have everything to do with anybody on God’s green earth thinking you can control my narrative of how I can…when and how I speak, why I speak, and things of that nature. If you didn’t want someone to mention that you put a gun to their head, I think it’s easily said: Don’t put a gun to their head.”

Check out the clip of Sabrina Peterson’s interview below.