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Sada Baby Responds to Cancel Culture After Controversial Tweets

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The entertainment world can be a sketchy place for entertainers when modern platforms give fans access to history of thoughts where unfortunately could come back to haunt them in society. Sada Baby has fell victim to this when people discovered a series of politically incorrect tweets from years ago. The latest popularity Sada Baby has received from the boost of having the iconic Nicki Minaj jump on the remix of his song “Whole Lotta Choppas”.

Sada Baby is unlike the normal artist who would apologize to appease his critics.
After becoming a trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday, Sada Baby buckled down on his past by going on Instagram to speak his mind to those who are giving him backlash.

“Y’all kan find every and any old tweet in the world from me. I don’t kare. I’m not even logged into my twitter and haven’t been for months,” was the statement made by Sada Baby. The Detroit artist continued, “Y’all kaint kancel a nigga who was never part of that fake ass world anyway.”

He also revealed that he doesn’t run his Twitter account anymore.

“FYI @asylumrecords runs my Twitter so y’all tweetin them n not me,” Sada Baby said. ” don’t have the twitter app on my phone. You gotta understand everybody ain’t removed from who they is. I’m fucked up in the head kuz that’s how I was raised. God n my grandmas the only judges I care for.”