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Salt-N-Pepa Biopic Recap & Reactions

Diva & Vixens- Karen Smith Article

salt n pepa biopic

The legendary career of Salt ‘N Pepa was put into a biopic that aired on Lifetime. It brought back memories not just for their fans, but also to the members of Cheryl James and Sandra Denton. We learn in the beginning of the movie that Salt N Pepa worked in the same call center of fellow hip hop icons Kid N Play and also the legendary Martin Lawrence.

As the show was forwarding during the broadcast the group was giving updates on Twitter to add their take on the scenes.

The daughters of Salt N Pepa made an appearance as her mother as a group member impersonating Salt N Pepa. We learn that a pimp tried to hustle the group’s image at the time because they were heard for the most part and not seen after their first single hit the radio airwaves.

The first female rap group to receive a grammy revealed their first paying gig was for $200 which was a lot for rappers starting out in the mid 80’s.

The group made their first major label hit in an usual way as Pepa explains below.

The fans jumped on social media and gave their real time reactions to the debut of the biopic.

The hip hop relationship is covered during the film between Pepa and the iconic Naughty By Nature. The two would become husband and wife, but it was revealed later in time that there were domestic abuse issues when they were together.

Some of the casting of the popular figures of the time received a mix reaction from of the audience such as Arsenio Hall and Tupac Shakur.

Toronto’s own female rap pioneer, Michie Mee, also appeared in the biopic during a choir scene when Salt was in church.


michie mee

The biopic showed how the women persevered through their trials and tribulations to be an inspiration for the hip hop artists that would follow in today’s climate.