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Sandra Bland Taped Her Own Arrest, Footage Finally Online

sandra bland

When Sandra Bland died in police custody after being detained during a traffic stop, there was a public outcry as suspicion reared its ugly head after officials ruled it a suicide.

The public has been seeking answers for her controversial death after dashcam footage of her arrest was released a few years ago. Bland also recorded the incident on her cellphone and the footage is now being released to the public.

What the footage shows is State Trooper Brian Encina threatened to “drag” Sandra Bland out of her car after she asked him why she’s being apprehended. In the dash cam footage that was released in 2015, he got aggressive with her after she refused to put out a cigarette she was smoking in her car.

The footage then shows Encina pointing a taser at Bland. “And then you’re going to stun me?” she asked.”

“I will light you up,” he replied.