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Saweetie Gets Dragged For Allegedly Selling Only 2K Albums

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Female rapper Saweetie stated earlier in the week that women are running the rap game in 2022, but today she gets dragged by DJ Akademiks, Sony Digital, and Joe Budden for only allegedly only selling 2,000 albums.

Top producer Hitmaka blames A&R and believes “someone gotta get fired.” Sonny Digital questions how an artist has a huge social media reach but can’t break 2K. For years, fans have been awaiting Saweetie’s official debut, but it appears the anticipation dwindled as numbers have been recorded at disastrous levels after the first week.

According to a report by Akademiks, The Single Life only sold 2,000 units its first week. The blogger admitted that he hasn’t substantiated the report, but he still uploaded it to his Instagram.


“Saweetie selling 2k is bad A&R vibes. Someone’s supposed to tell u this ain’t it!” Hitmaka tweeted. “I also have issues with her having multiple platinum singles & not sticking with same formula that got her here. Someone gotta get fired.”

“That’s why I can’t stand analytics! People couldn’t wait to not have to stand on gut feelings & goosebumps!” he added. “If it’s trending u sign them & it doesn’t work it takes away being accountable for what u signed. Now u can lean on ‘oh the numbers said’ …… MANNNN FUK ALL DAT.”

Sonny Digital also questioned how an artist with Saweetie’s social media reach couldn’t sell more units. She recently stated in an interview how women are now running the hip hop industry before her numbers were released.

Sonny said, “[Thirteen] million followers , hundreds of thousands likes on all pictures but album sold less than 2000 copies. That’s crazy. The math ain’t adding up. If I had millions of followers and my album sold 2k I probably would just delete all my social media cause y’all lying to me.”

He also refuted claims that he didn’t listen to The Single Life. Check out the project above.

DJ Akademiks went on a rant and proclaimed many female artists signed to labels are cosplay rappers that have ghostwriters.  Check out more social media reactions below.


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