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Saweetie Gives Lil Kim “Best Bar In Female History” For “Not Tonight”

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The impact of woman in the music industry is undeniable and stars such as Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, and more are rightly honored by Saweetie.

In an interview with Issa Raedio, Saweetie speaks on dropping her debut album later this year and the female rappers she grew up listening to. She revealed some 90’s icons and her favorite bar.

“My mom listened to a lot of Lil Kim and Foxy [Brown]. I’ve always liked their demeanor. Like, their demeanor is just—I know that when they step into the room, like you can just feel that boss-ness. They always just felt so powerful to me,” said the rapper. “I love me some Missy. I always tell people, ‘If I’m gon’ get nasty, I’ma get nasty like Missy ’cause she’s always creative and she’ll make you think.’ That’s what I drew from her.”

Saweetie added that she also loves “Trina’s attitude” and “how comfortable she was in her own body.” She also gave praise to Nicki Minaj by saying, “In high school, Nicki dropped like, two or three mixtapes that I just super loved and it opened my eyes to what a modern-day female rapper felt like ’cause everybody else, my aunties or my mom was listening to them, but I discovered Nicki on LimeWire.”

She called Lil Kim’s “Not Tonight” lyrics “the best bar in female history.” Saweetie said, “I like when she says, ‘Tryin’ to impress me with your five G stones / I’ll give you ten Gs, n*gga, if you leave me alone.’ When I heard that, I was like, I felt it. I knew what she meant and that’s just the most boss thing someone could ever say. I love that line.”

Pretty B*tch Music is scheduled to be a loaded album in length as she states, “It’s looking like more than 17 songs,”. She says, “It’s hella long! I’m really excited. I really am… I used to struggle with my sound. I didn’t know how to properly deliver. I didn’t know what inflection was. I couldn’t find producers who made sense with my brand and my voice because all those things work congruently to make a good song.”

“Like, I definitely feel like Icy and High Maintenance were highly produced, great sound quality bodies of work, but I still feel like people didn’t understand me,” she added. “And while in quarantine people have learned about me through my content. I think this is a time for people to get to know me through my music, which is so important to me.”

Watch Saweetie’s interview with Issa Rae below.