Saweetie Speaks On Being Called “Queen Of The Bay”

Her record sales for the Single Life have been mocked for the low 2,000 plus in the first week, but the artist still has her huge following.


While at The Bootleg Kev Podcast, Saweetie talked about the title of “Queen of the Bay.” “I don’t want to self-proclaim the ‘Queen statement,’ but when I’m in certain cities or certain areas, they’ll just call me this and call me that. I’ve been called the ‘Queen of California’ and many queen things. It’s not something I’m trying to title, that’s why I had another voice say it on my [‘Single Life’] project. I don’t like it when people self-proclaim.”

“I would do a joint album with Dreezy,” she started before later relaying, “I’ve been wanting to collaborate with another woman and I really like Dreezy.”  Check out her full interview below.