Saweetie To Speak On Quavo Drama In A Freestyle

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Saweetie is known for her beauty, music, and adoration for food, but she has also been involved recently with drama.

The Migos recently had a loss with the death of Takeoff and the past with Quavo and Saweetie is also being talked about. The internet talked about the infamous video of the two tussling over a bag in an elevator for weeks, and are still unaware of why the situation occurred.


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Aside from that, rumors also sparked that she was dating Lil Baby after pictures began to surface online. While the 4PF artist denied being the one in the photos, those online were not all too sure. After all, his baby’s mother Jayda claimed the two talked about his and Saweetie’s relationship before things hit the internet.

It appears that Saweetie plans to quell the rumors and innuendo soon enough. Earlier this month, the 29-year-old revealed that she would drop two albums before the end of 2022. The rapstress told Rolling Stone that The Single Life and Pretty Bitch Music would be coming fairly soon.

However, before they reach streaming platforms, it seems Saweetie wants to drop a freestyle first. The song is titled “No Reception” and will detail everything that has been in the media this year.

“For me, I’m not finna argue with you online, and I’m not finna address no bullsh*t online,” she said while on stage at the Teen Vogue Summit. “Sometimes I be looking at stuff, and I be like, ‘Y’all can’t be serious.’”

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