Saweetie Wants A “Dance Record” Collab With Rihanna

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Saweetie has promised her fans that her debut album, “Pretty B*tch Music,” will be released before the end of the year, but some of her followers are skeptical. The Bay Area artist has expressed her desire to collaborate with Rihanna, which is a dream shared by many creatives. Both women share the commonality of not having released a full-length album in a while, with Rihanna’s last being “Anti” in 2016 and Saweetie still working on her debut for years.


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While Rihanna has been busy building her Fenty brand and starting a family, Saweetie’s fans are wondering what’s causing the delay in her album’s release. In an interview with Metro UK, Saweetie said that her album is close to being completed and has “more collaborations” than her fans will expect. She also mentioned that she will be releasing new music videos with some directors and is excited to collaborate with Rihanna on a dance record.

As she edges closer to Prety B*tch Music‘s arrival, Saweetie details what’s next. “I’m about to drop some treatments and collaborate some,” she revealed. “Direct with some directors to shoot some new music videos.” Of course, Metro UK wanted to know who Saweetie’s dream collaboration would be. Without hesitation, she named the “Rude Boy” star. “I definitely want to work with Rihanna. [The Super Bowl] wasn’t even a game, it was the Rihanna concert.” So, what kind of song would it be? “[We would] release a dance record to get the party going.”

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Although it remains to be seen if Rihanna is interested in collaborating with Saweetie, the latter’s hands are full with getting her debut album to streaming services. Initially slated for a 2021 release, the rapper revealed that she was working on improving her craft during that time, with a conversation with Cher pushing her release date back further. She believes her album needs to have more feelings, soul, and spirit, and once she achieves that, it will be ready for release.

“I thought [the album] was done, but after I met her, I had an epiphany,” Saweetie said in 2021. “This album needs to have feelings, it needs to have soul, it needs to have spirit. And I have a lot of room for improvement, so I’m gonna work on that. And once it’s done, the album will be released.”