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Scarface States He Will Not Do Verzuz Unless It’s Against An Enemy

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The Verzuz shows have been great entertainment for fans of music. Many people give suggestions on who they would love to see go head to head. The platform usually tends to artists who are iconic and have classic catalogs.

One of the greats of rap is Scarface. He jumped on social media to let his fans know that he will not be participating in a Verzuz unless it is against an artist he is not friendly with. He believes that will allow him to be in a mode of wanting to destroy the competitor.

I’m not ever gonna do a VS. unless I don’t like the ni##^, then I’ll destroy his ass… revisit that catalog again… 1988-2020 smoke

A lot of his followers seemed to be in agreement with Scarface. Check out the reactions below.

Scarface reiterated his thoughts when some people didn’t approve his statement.

You people need to read, I told you I’m not doin that ish