Scott Hall AKA Razor Ramone on life support after 3 heart attacks


scott hall

WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall aka Razor Ramone is in critical condition after he suffered three heart attacks on Saturday night according to Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch.

Hall was originally hospitalized earlier this month due to him breaking his hip after falling. He underwent hip replacement surgery last week but suffered a serious complication when a blood clot got loose. After suffering the heart attacks, he was put on life support.

Scott Hall was a major star during the wrestling boom in the 90’s on television with the famed Monday Night War between the then WWF and WCW. He helped launch the widely popular NWO aka “New World Order Of Wrestling” after making a name for himself in the WWF as Razor Ramone. It was a significant moment and group that included Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Randy Savage to name a few. It helped propel WCW to ratings dominance over the WWE for the first time ever. He first started in the industry in 1982 and worked for numerous wrestling leagues including the famed AWA and WCW before jumping ship to the WWE in 1993. He was rebooted from Diamond Studd to Razor Ramone.

He received huge fan reactions and success as the WWE Intercontinental Championship four times. He then went to WCW in 1996 with Kevin Nash where they alongside Hulk Hogan changed the business with the nWo. During his tenure in WCW, he held the TV Title, Tag Team Championships, and United States Title.

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