Scottie Pippen Denies Any Beef With Michael Jordan

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The Last Dance was critically acclaimed and a very popular documentary series that broke grounds for future documentaries especially on sports. Unfortunately, there were criticisms surrounding the documentary. Rumors surfaced shortly after that Scottie Pippen was not happy about the way he was portrayed.

With everyone on lockdown due to the quarantine ruling at the time, there was a monstrous audience that watched the trials and tribulations of the iconic Chicago Bulls like never before.

There segments during the multi-part series which it appeared beef occurred between Pippen and Jordan after Michael Jordan called his teammate “selfish.” Many believed Pippen was upset over Jordan’s commentary but he insists that’s not the case. “I wasn’t upset about it,” he told AP.

“It didn’t bother me at all,” Pippen said. “It was an opportunity for our younger generation that hadn’t seen or knew anything about basketball in the ’90s.”

Later in the interview, Pippen, who’s currently an analyst on ESPN’s The Jump, had high hopes for the L.A. Lakers this year as the NBA Play-Offs, primarily because of LeBron James dominance.

“The fact that his experience, his ability to pull a team together, the ability to be dominant,” he said. He’s the most dominant player in the game right now with Kevin Durant not being in the game.”