Sean Paul Reveals Jay Z’s Jealousy Over Beyonce

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The song and music video “Baby Boy” was a smash hit with Beyonce and Sean Paul. Beyonce has performed the song plenty of times, but she has only sung the song with him once.

Sean Paul gives insight on why this scenario has transpired. In a new 2021 interview with RJR 94’s Two Live Crew with Wesley Burger he gives quite a different viewpoint than what he did in previous interviews.

In an interview conducted in early 2010 with MTV News, Sean Paul stated the rumors were off-base and the knew Jay Z before even doing the song with his then girlfriend.

“The general public blew it up in certain things,”

“I just remained quiet about it for years because it was doing its work. There was just a lot of controversy,” he continued. “She’s an amazing artist, the song was at number 1 for like nine weeks, so that was a very special time for me and for dancehall.”

Sean Paul

In 2021, Sean Paul gives a different account as he stated the alleged possessiveness of the Marcy rapper with Beyonce who is now his wife.

“Yuh si weh you seh?  You neva feel comfortable. Me neva feel comfortable needa, but mi jus use my diplomacy all di while an guh roun any likkle obstacle weh me have inna life,” 

Sean Paul confirmed Jay-Z didn’t want him getting too close to Beyonce and said:

“Yes, to me that was something that was apparent at the time.”

He added,

  Wi know that artistry is artistry suh a nuh everytime dem ting deh gwan.

Sean Paul plans on making a splash this year with new releases. He informed everyone to look out for “Live” and “Living and Scorcher” which will include top artists such as  Shenseea, Stylo G, and Jada Kingdo on “Live”, while the other project has includes Buju Banton, Busy Signal, Mavado, and more.