Shaq Makes A Slam Dunk With “AEW: Dynamite” Debut

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Shaq delivered a powerbomb which is a move known to be executed by the bigger wrestlers in the game, but he als got knocked out in his first-ever match on “AEW: Dynamite”.

Shaq follows Snoop Dogg in participating in AEW this year in January. Now we have Shaquille O’Neal finally giving fans want they have wanted to see for a long time. In WWE, there were rumors years ago of Shaq squaring off against “The Big Show” aka Paul Wight who is a huge icon in the sport figuratively and literally. He recently jumped ship from Vince Mcmahon’s organization to join Cody Rhodes and AEW.

Shaq’s toiled in the ring by teaming up with Jade Cargill for a mixed tag team match on last night’s episode of AEW: Dynamite against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet. Check out the match below to see Shaq pull off a powerbomb, but also get smashed through tables to end the match despite being declared the winner in the tag team bout.