Shaq Plans To Buy All 11 of Bill Russell’s Championship Rings

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NBA and Celtics legend Bill Russell is auctioning off a plethora of historic items from his career to benefit Mentor and Boston Celtics United For Social Justice.

Bill Russel perhaps has the greatest individual achievement or feat in NBA history with his 11 championship rings. The Celtics legend is widely regarded as one of the best centers and defensive players ever, with his impact on the NBA in the 50s and 60s going beyond basketball.

Unlike the cultured NBA of today that speaks on various cultural issues, Bill Russell was apart of a time period of racial injustice on and off the court. His financial situation then was also vastly different to what the NBA stars of today have.

The Celtics legend is that he is putting up hundreds of memorabilia up for auction in Boston, hoping to raise money for a group named “Mentor” that Bill is very close with. Everything is up for grabs, from rings, jerseys, cards, warmups, awards, game balls to trophies.

The NBA On TNT panel talked about the big auction last night, with Charles saying he will probably bid on something. Shaq put in his thoughts about it by saying how he wants to have all 11 of Russell rings:

“I would have liked to seen the item before the auction. I would like to take some of that stuff off their hand. To be able to have all eleven of his rings, nobody’s outbidding me on that one.”

Shaquille O’Neal, NBA On TNT