Shenseea Gets Booed In Toronto & Popcaan Cusses Promoter

WorldWide Entertainment TV Concert Review By Kevin Douglas

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Fans of dancehall music were primed to celebrate in Toronto as Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of independence was the day beforehand, but Popcaan was not impressed with promoters from the 6ix.

The event was heralded as “Kingston Music Festival,” but fans did not get that raw Jamaican music that Skillibeng, Shenseea, and Popcaan are known for. People who paid for VIP did not receive the exclusivity that was expected as crowds rushed a fence and tore it down causing general admission customers to be aligned with VIP ticket purchasers.

Despite a heavy police force on hand that included cops on horses, a couple fights broke out during the festivities before the artists even appeared on stage. The security had issues with people hanging around backstage to the point where the performers stayed tuck inside their vehicles. It took a couple of hours for that issue to reside, but then audio problems ensued as thousands upon thousands of people were waiting patiently as Skillibeng came on stage with no sound.


As the crowd chanted “We Can’t Hear,” the promoters continued the show without addressing the issue. The other problem at hand was people fainting and passing out due to the extreme heat as there was no water for patrons on the heated day. Shenseea appeared next and she came dressed to impress, but the problem caused a big portion of the audience to boo the superstar dancehall artist. It should be noted the booing was mostly for the technical issues as many wanted to hear the songstress audio along with the visuals she was presenting.

Many people started walking out of the venue to avoid traffic and in disappointment with lack of concern for the many patrons who could not hear the performers that they paid a lot of money to see. As the headliner was up next, there seemed to finally be a concerted effort to fix the audio. Once again, fans waited up to a hour for the problem to be resolved as more patrons started to exit Downsview Park.

Popcaan voiced his strong thoughts against the promoters as he stood with the very patient audience. He let the promoters understand that if they book superstar artists for concerts, then they better have top quality production for the artists to perform at the level their fans are accustom to. He even went so far to tell the “Kingston Music Festival” organizers to give fans back their money.

Check out the social media reaction to the debacle as Toronto music lovers seemed to get a bad deal over the weekend. Rolling Loud even commented on the disastrous weekend and promised the city “we got you” in terms of their scheduled event in September.