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Shooting reported near Young Dolph memorial

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Memphis Police are investigating a shooting at a Family Dollar on Airways, near a memorial for Memphis rapper Young Dolph.

The shooting at the Family Dollar near Airways Boulevard and Ketchum Road scattered dozens of well-wishers near the memorial Thursday afternoon, and injured one man.


It happened next door to Makeda’s Cookies, where Memphis rapper Young Dolph was gunned down Wednesday. Fans of Young Dolph had set up a memorial for him at the bakery.

Memphis Police say one person was taken to the hospital in non-critical condition. Police say two people were detained on the scene and another was detained at Mississippi and Kerr after “a brief pursuit.”

Tommy Wright, another Memphis rapper who witnessed the shooting while he was at Dolph’s memorial, described two or three shots fired in a drive-by shooting between the two buildings.

“We were paying our respects. About 30 or 40 people were placing flowers, signing the wall, and then a car drove by and started shooting,” he said.

Wright said the victim was shot in the inner thigh. Others at the scene helped him up, called 911, and drove him to a hospital.

“Everybody, man, just scattered and hit the ground,” Wright said. “They’ve blocked off the whole scene, it’s become another crime scene all over again.”

It has been revealed that there were two gunmen, and if you’ve been following our site, then you know that some images of these gunmen committing the crime were posted on Twitter.


Now, according to DJ Akademiks, the car that the alleged gunmen were using has now been identified. In new surveillance footage, it was revealed that the perpetrators were in a white 2-door Mercedes and it is likely that the car is an E-class. It doesn’t seem like any license plates were picked up by the surveillance footage, although police are urging people to be on the lookout for this kind of vehicle.