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Should Drake Sign Chromazz To Be Toronto’s Cardi B?

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Drake and Chromazz Saturday May 11, 2018

(WWETV Writer Venom) Last night (February 10th) at the Grammy Award ceremony the biggest rapper out of Toronto took a stand about industry executives not understanding his music and that what matters most are the fans who interact and love your music. That having a fanbase means that you are winning in this thing called the rap game. He shouted out Cardi B as being a fly girl from Bronx, New York. What many Americans may not know is the interview Drake gave AFTER the speech which was interesting.

Drake asked the question. Are you dumb or are you stupid? He also stated how he wanted the CN Tower chromin. Well, Drizzy just gave a shout out to an upcoming Toronto female rapper by the name of Chromazz. She started gaining momentum in her city on Instagram and did her first interview ever with Worldwide Entertainment TV last year at this time in February. She has come a long way to having the biggest rap star give her a shout out and on Grammy night of all nights.


The background comparisons to Cardi B are there and is ripe for OVO to grab the wave on female rappers who are underdogs. She definitely has the look and with the marketing genius of Drake he could very well have a new star out of Toronto. Now of course, with this said there will obviously be artists from his city who will disagree with Drake if he ever does sign her as many people in the city don’t feel she is up to par in terms of lyrical ability as other female rappers from the 6ix. 

The key here would be to follow the blueprint set forth by Cardi B. Drake can give her a team of ghostwriters and market her sexual attraction to a male audience which can work in getting over with audiences worldwide. As we all know, Drake is very calculated and is always on point for the most part with his business. It could be a coincident he mentioned Cardi B in his speech and also made the remark of the music industry higher ups not understanding a mixed base hip hop artist out of Canada? Could it be Drake just casually set the stage for his next artist out of OVO? Time will tell.

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UPDATE****MAY 11, 2018********
There has been an interesting post on Chromazz instagram that includes a the Toronto female rapper posing with Drake. Does this mean yours truly Venom called it that Drake should make Chromazz the Toronto Cardi B?

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