Singer-Songwriter Apryll Aileen To Release “Wasted On Your Love”

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Toronto, Ont. – Canadian singer-songwriter, Apryll Aileen’s brand-new single “Wasted On Your Love” available February 11, hits on the poignant chemistry of a romantic addiction. Drunk on the heat of desire and high on the touch of love, Aileen channels the physical and emotional intensity of passionate romance.

In the throes of infatuation, feeling emotionally intoxicated on love, Aileen was inspired to write this new song “Wasted On Your Love”, an upbeat dance track inspired by the pop melodies of early Madonna, a splash of Britney and the synth bass production vibes of Canadian icon, The Weekend.

She highlights the withdrawal symptoms of being away from one’s lover and touches on the inebriation and rush of intimacy that resulted in some of her most intimate songwriting to date.

Like most artists, she talked herself into following the muse for the sake of the artistry, afflicted by love, until the suffering delivered insight – the sobering reality that two people do not always want the same things out of a relationship.

Some might think that humanity cannot escape their desires; but Aileen proves otherwise through the course of her storytelling on her upcoming album “Bad Things”, scheduled for release this summer.

The single is available for pre-save on Apple Music & Spotify.

Her sultry vocals, captivating lyrics and alluring stage presence make Apryll a fan favorite at music festivals worldwide. Aileen transcends genres, creating her own undefinable sound with influences coming from pop, rock, blues, and jazz. She doesn’t imitate – she creates.

A hybrid of two polarities, she blends melodic songwriting and vocal tones from modern artists such as Adele but with the storytelling edge of Stevie Nicks.

From performing in London, Hollywood, New York, Toronto and more, Aileen is no stranger to the music world. Her band in Los Angeles includes Toshi Yanagi and Jimmy Earl (players for Jimmy Kimmel Live!).

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