Days removed from International Women’s Day and still in the middle of Women’s History Month, Slick Rick took to social media to make a declaration. Slick Rick took to Twitter to share photos of four women in hip-hop who he praised for their “impeccable pen game, artistry, and legacies.” The four women included Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Eve, and Missy Elliott.

Slick Rick received a response from Nicki Minaj that was appreciative of the high praise by the legendary United Kingdom hip hop star.   She revealed that his hit single, “Mona Lisa” planted the seed for her illustrious career in the music industry. “Slicker than the guy w|da thing on his eye. ~ If you only knew how much I love you,” she wrote in reference to her shout-out to Slick Rick on “Super Bass.”

the 1st rap I ever learned was #MonaLisa. 1 day I rapped it to my mthr & when I got to the part about “a virgin?” My mthr looked @ me like I lost my damn mind. I didn’t know what that meant,” she continued. 

The Ruler caught Nicki’s comments and responded, “Keep shining sis. One love Queen!”

This wouldn’t be the first time she told this story, but evidently, Slick Rick’s stamp of approval holds a deep sentimental value to Nicki Minaj.

Check out Nicki and Slick Rick’s tweets below.


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