Smokey Robinson Speaks Seeing Michael Jackson For 1st Time

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11 years without michael jackson

Smokey Robinson gave a candid interview with VladTV and he revealed what it was like seeing Michael Jackson as a kid sensation.

Smokey explained that he knew that the group would be big if they got a hit record, and he went on to speak about Michael putting his song “Who’s Loving You” on the map. The legend also believed he was a seeing a “little James Brown” as they covered his songs. 

Check out the video above and also hear what he had to say about Marvin Gaye being one of the greatest singers ever.

Michael Jackson’s extraordinary talent is nurtured and given focus and direction, first with the Jackson 5, then as a solo star. The records – “I Want You Back,” “Who’s Lovin’ You,” “Never Can Say Goodbye,” “Got To Be There” – stand time’s test. And when Berry Gordy asks for the young man from Gary, Indiana, to help celebrate his unique, inspiring company’s 25th anniversary, Michael moonwalks into history.