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Smugglaz Remember Kwesro & Nefarius Jane & Finchin Remix

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WorldWide Entertainment TV “From The Vault” with Sticky Green remembering childhood friend Kwesro of the Toronto hip hop group Nefarius. On May 5th, 2022, Tough Dumplin will be releasing a vinyl tribute to his rap partner Kwesro in Toronto.

In this Friday Flashback, WWETV Toronto goes into the archives with Before The 6 Now Or Never Toronto Rappers & Hip Hop Documentary exclusive. The excerpt contains exclusive interviews from both members of The Smugglaz. Benny Blacc describes who was behind the single “Jane & Finchin” getting on the Jane and Finch inspired film by MTV Films and Paramount Pictures. Sticky Green speaks about Kwesro being an inspiration in the neighborhood of Chalkfarm that is apart of the Jane Strip region of Toronto.

Before joining the rap group Smugglaz with his cousin, Sticky Green was learning to rhyme from Kwesro who was known for freestyling on the fly in Chalkfarm. Tough Dumplin gets interviewed about “How She Move” and how the collaboration came to be from his inclusion. After leaving the city of Toronto soon after the collaboration, Tough Dumplin aka MC Collizhun would reside across the border in Brooklyn.


It would be from that vantage point, he would see how huge the movie was promoted with advertising everywhere. To illustrate the difference in cities promotion of the film, in the United States Paramount Pictures presented the film as being set in Brooklyn despite the storyline being about Jane and Finch. It was done in this manner to appeal to a U.S. audience. The movie based on Jane and Finch, would originally have an all Canadian soundtrack, but eventually the soundtrack would include legendary artists such as Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot.