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Snoop Cosigns Warren G’s Condemnation Of Hip Hop’s Current Landscape


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Snoop Dogg came out during the 1990’s when “gangsta rap” truly started to take off with leading the west coast.  He was at the center of a media attack about corrupting the youth and had disputes with civil rights leaders. Fast forward to today and Snoop laments with iconic west coast rapper and producer Warren G.

Fast forward to the year 2020 and both west coast icons jump on Instagram to be in agreement with the lack of rules they helped to implement in the rap game has gone amiss with certain individuals. Not only that, but there seems to be no push back for the lawlessness.

“Dam is anybody loyal these days or have morals,” he wrote. “Sheesh the game is baffled from the streets to business to politics.”

Snoop responded in the comment section, “[Rat] infested,” a clear jab at his current nemesis.


Snoop Dogg has been in a beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine as being a legend who calls for hip hop to shun the rainbow colored hair rapper.

On Saturday (May 16), the Brooklynite attempted to flip the script on Snoop and claim he used to be an informant during the Death Row Records days.

Snoop adamantly denied it and wrote, “Niggaz know I ain’t have nothing to do with suge knight getting time. we had the same lawyers. this [rat] reaching calling me a snitch and FYI. He most likely drew up the papers. he do work with the [cops]. Suge and me on great terms now so if I told on him we would never be cool and that’s a fact [clown]. now carry on and stay tuned for the tattle tales movie and Record lil bitch. @6ix9ineofficial I got time.”