Snoop Dogg Accused of Sexual Assault, But Denies Allegation

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Warning: This article contains descriptions of alleged sexual assault.

A woman who is claiming that Snoop Dogg forced her to perform oral sex on him in 2013 has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, TMZ reports. The unidentified woman said the alleged incident occurred after she attended a Snoop Dogg show in Anaheim, California on May 29, 2013.

The woman, who is a model and dancer, said she was offered a ride home by Snoop’s friend Bishop Don “Magic” Juan but was instead driven to his house after falling asleep in his car. After dozing off again while at his home, the woman alleged that Don Juan “removed his penis from his pants and forced his penis in Plaintiff’s face” and “repeatedly shoved his penis into Plaintiff’s mouth.”

She then claimed that Don Juan gave her a dress and told her that they should go and meet up with Snoop to see about getting her a part in a television show that the From tha Streets 2 tha Suites artist was working on. After arriving at Snoop’s, the woman said she was feeling ill and went to the bathroom. She said it was then that the rapper came into the bathroom and forced her to perform oral sex on him “while Plaintiff was defecating on the toilet.” The woman said she didn’t end up getting the TV role because Snoop didn’t like that she “refused to willingly and enthusiastically give oral sex.”

Per TMZ, Snoop has denied the story and referenced the woman in a post he made to Instagram about “gold digger season.” Meanwhile, Wednesday’s report also says that a “source representing” Snoop has questioned the timing of the suit, which arrives mere days ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl festivities, where Snoop will be involved as a performer.