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Snoop Dogg Dissed Biggie Smalls On A Song Says Napoleon

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

Napoleon details how Snoop Dogg played Biggie’s diss song for Tupac and how Snoop Dogg was apart of the East vs. West beef.

The east and west coast rivalry in hip hop is now folklore, but many of the participants who were lucky enough to survive are here to detail perhaps misunderstandings. Napoleon who use to ride with Tupac as one of his “Outlawz” group member, comes to the defense of the iconic rapper.

Snoop Dogg has a history of making negative comments towards his fellow Death Row records alumni, but Napoleon sets the record straight on a few things such as the “Hit Em Up” record that Snoop recently stated he didn’t like.

In a segment of the interview that was conducted by Art Of Dialogue, Napoleon says Snoop didn’t have an issue with the controversial diss song when he heard it in the studio. This was recorded after Snoop was shot at in the Big Apple after filming the music video for “New York New York.”

Napoleon doesn’t like the narrative of modern day interviews that Tupac Shakur tried to influence the rest of Death Row Records with negative energy. He says, “They were all together doing diss records against Biggie and Puffy.” However, he does say people change especially from doing things when they were younger and believes “that’s no problem.”

Napoleon does have issue with Snoop pretending he had nothing to do with the east coast and west coast drama. “That’s where it becomes a bit strange and weird,” says the former Outlaw member. He believes it was mixed signals and it messed with Tupac’s mind state that Snoop would be dissing Biggie in LA, but then go to the east coast  and say he was homeboys with Bad Boy Records.

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