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Snoop Dogg Dissing Biggie Smalls Song Surfaces Online

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The 1990’s in hip hop saw a deadly time when the east coast and west rivalry got a bit too real. Til this day we are hearing new stories from the decade that sheds more light on issues that permeated between Bad Boy Records and Deathrow Records.

The situation got really bad that it caused a rift between good friends Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg. The reason being that Snoop went on the frontlines and proclaimed he had no issues with Bad Boy during an interview at the height of the beef. He went as far to say that he was friends with the men from the label that was beefing with his label and friend Tupac.

There has been questions surrounding the night Tupac was murdered and why Snoop Dogg wasn’t in Las Vegas. A recent interview with Mike Tyson and Fat Joe, the legendary boxer who was also friends with Tupac mentioned how the night was perfect for the set up. Did Snoop know something was going to go down?

Now more intrigue has been added to what exactly caused the rift between Snoop and Tupac. A song has surfaced online of Snoop dissing Notorious BIG and many believe that the song was recorded after the shooting up of the trailer of Snoop and Dogg Pound in New York. It may have also been why Tupac didn’t trust Snoop and felt he was playing both sides in the beef. You can decide for yourself after watching the video below.