Hip Hop

Snoop Dogg Found The New Eminem? Raxx?

Snoop Dogg is a legend in the rap game. He first burst onto the scene in the early 1990’s with one of the most anticipated albums of all-time in “DoggyStyle” which broke records. He was seen as the protégé of the iconic producer Dr. Dre of the infamous NWA.

The two went on to be apart of one of the greatest music labels of the 1990’s and of all-time with Deathrow Records. Soon after the trials and tribulations of the label Dre. Dre would soon leave and create his own empire called “Aftermath” and he would join up with a verbal assassin in a young Caucasian kid in Eminem. The two would also go on to smash records and make history.

Now in the year 2019 we may see a twist of fate where Dr. Dre’s original protégé in Snoop Dogg will follow his teacher by releasing a new version of Eminem onto the world. Snoop Dogg seems to be a fan of Raxx and his lyrical ability as shown below.


Hopefully for hip hop and for Snoop Dogg he may have discovered the next hip hop sensation that will make waves as Dr. Dre’s two proteges before him.