Snoop Dogg Joins 50 Cent In Blasting Oprah & Gayle King

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Snoop Dogg is legendary for his career in hip hop. He has faced many attacks in the past from his early days in the game in the 1990’s. He was blamed for violence happening in the streets of Los Angeles due to being a “gangsta rapper” and has become one of mainstream’s most beloved figures. His murder trial in the 1990’s is of legend and clearly shows that he was indeed “Two Of America’s Most Wanted” as he stated in his collaborative song with iconic Tupac Shakur.

So it is telling that Snoop has now joined 50 Cent from the rap world to call out Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King for their media representation of African American men lately.

The hip hop artist and actor took to Instagram to ask a question by posting a headline about Oprah’s “spiritual healer” allegedly being taken down for sex crimes, the Doggfather spoke on the controversy surrounding both Winfrey and King in his caption by asking where his documentary is.

“We waiting. When. Or is it only blacks that y’all wanna interview and try and tarnish they reputation over accusations fuck both you hoes on behalf of the whole hood u bitches not with us. Gayle and Oprah been on bullshit so fuck y’all and y’all super powers,” said Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg also took a video to further get his point across that he believes that the two women should let people who have passed away rest in peace.