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Snoop Dogg Names His Top 5 Rappers & 2Pac Fans Question Motives

This is #OldSchoolSaturday, and yours truly Venom, will not go into too much depth this week. What I will do is make you ponder about Deathrow, Snoop, Glasses Malone, Nipsey Hussle, Suge Knight, and Tupac Shakur.

Snoop Dogg has added himself to the long line of people who have been making top rappers list. The West Coast Legend spoke with Nick Cannon on his radio show on various other topics as well. Snoop Dogg describes creating his latest album, ‘I Wanna Thank Me’, Starring In ‘Dolemite’ Movie With Eddie Murphy, and more.

Snoop Dogg places himself in the top 5 GOAT rappers along with others such as Ice Cube. The lack of his placement of Tupac Shakur has caused many fans of the fallen rapper to question Snoop’s motives.

Snoop Dogg has recently stated how it was his idea to sign Tupac to Deathrow Records. Now there are conflicting reports over this as there are talks that Suge Knight had always wanted Shakur before he was locked up in prison, but Tupac had always turned down the offer since he had a good deal with Interscope. The truth lies in the middle somewhere as Interscope also thought Tupac was becoming a PR nightmare and wanted to shift him over to Deathrow Records, whom it had a distribution deal with.

In any case, the topic is picking up steam with fans of Deathrow and you can listen to this commentary on the situation below.

Snoop’s press run also included an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood where he spoke about the impact of Nipsey Hussle on Los Angeles as a community.

Glasses Malone went on The Breakfast Club to downplay Tupac and to raise Snoop’s profile to GOAT status which seemed out of nowhere. It was an interview that most likely sparked the online top 50 rappers debate. Glasses Malone also did an interview with AllHipHop, where he proclaimed Nipsey Hussle as the “West Coast” Jesus. He was asked by the outlet about his thoughts on his song entitled “Tupac Must Die” and state the following:

I’m a 7th Street Watts Crips. I just don’t want to have to kill one of these little stupid ass people! I’m not gonna f##k around. My ni##a Nip got killed. I’m not giving a ni##a nothing extra. Y’all killed Nip? I know y’all will kill me! And he was more positive and impactful, trying to change a life. Me, I’m just kickin’ the street sh#t and giving you insight that you never had. If y’all would kill Nip or Jesus…I know for sure (you would kill me). So, I’m not f##kin’ around. I don’t mind it. All that lolly gaggin’…they gonna get they self killed messing with me.

Glasses Malone

Interesting enough, legendary hip hop artist, Nas, who many claim to also be of GOAT status has more than once called Tupac, the hip hop god. J Cole also made a famous line in “Let Nas Down” that went “Pac was like Jesus, Nas wrote the bible” that created controversy.

Now for anyone that has been keeping up with my WWETV exclusive interviews, The Venom, has stated many times I go deeper than the interviews and articles. I try to read between the lines.

Here is what COULD be happening here with Glasses Malone and Snoop. The two COULD be plotting to remind everyone that Snoop WAS Deathrow and the rapper running the rap game in the early 90’s. That Snoop saved Tupac Shakur from his prison bid by suggesting that Suge Knight bring Pac over from volatile situation he was involved with in New York to a safe haven in Los Angeles.

Tupac Shakur in the last couple of years has been given status of GOAT by a lot of fans and critics. Snoop Dogg was also the person to induct Pac into the “Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame” and during the Tupac biopic, “All Eyez On Me”, there were fans who started to question Snoop’s role in the death of Tupac in Las Vegas.

All, I’m hear is to make you think and there could be more to what is going on here with Snoop’s “I Wanna Thank Me” press run and album release (which the album is well done btw). This could be Snoop’s marketing plan to ensure fans a proper remembrance of his place in hip hop history and there is no doubt the friendship and also rivalry(in terms of hip hop status) that existed between these two will be talked about in future generations.

Snoop Dogg and Glasses Malone may very well trying to reassure that one of their home bred stars takes the position that many have bestowed upon Tupac in the west coast via Nipsey Hussle and Snoop. The two men may not even be doing this deliberately, but subconciously. This may seem like reaching for some and even out of place to say, but this is why I go by the name of VENOM. The

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