In February, Snoop Dogg was sued by a woman who claimed that the rapper assaulted her in California in 2013. Snoop Dogg filed motions for dismissal on March 24, and the woman and her attorney filed a notice of voluntary dismissal on April 6.

As reported by Billboard, the woman, identified as Jane Doe, was suing Snoop Dogg for a violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Action, for sexual battery, sexual assault, and more. She also named Snoop’s co-defendants Bishop Don “Magic” Juan and the companies Gerber & Co, Inc., the Broadus Collection, LLC, Casa Verde Capital, LLC, and Merry Jane Events, Inc.

Prior to his appearance during the Super Bowl halftime show, Snoop quickly responded to Jane Doe’s allegations against him. At the time, he argued that the case was a “thinly veiled attempt to extort the defendant for money”.

The woman’s lawsuit alleges that Snoop and Bishop Don Juan separately assaulted her over a 24-hour period back in May 2013. She also claims that she was not up for rehire because she refused their advances. Doe also claims that she was first assaulted by Don Juan after accepting a ride home from him. Following sexual assault at the hands of Don Juan, she alleges that they then traveled to Snoop’s recording studio where Snoop assaulted her in a bathroom.

Snoop moved for dismissal on the basis of the lawsuit being full of “innuendo and irrelevant statements.”

In a statement shared with Pitchfork, a representative of Snoop Dogg claims that “The allegations of sexual assault against Calvin Broadus (aka Snoop Dogg) are simply meritless.” The rep also believes that the lawsuit was extortive.