Snoop Talks Drake & Raptors VS . Bucks

snoop drake

The iconic west coast hip hop artist Snoop Dogg was in Toronto this week. He showed his full support for the city’s team and for its star player Kawhi Leonard. It was a sight to see the known Lakers fans adorned in Raptors attire. WWETV Host Brooklyn took time to speak on those NBA and hip hop fans who were upset at the sight calling Uncle Snoop a traitor. It was of course in all fun in this competitive time of season in the NBA as The Raptors fight to reach the NBA Finals.

Now it seems Snoop may have also come in defend his rapper friend Drake. Drizzy has come under attack for being a little too enthusiastic on the ball court according to Milwaukee Bucks.

Snoop Dogg had an entertaining discussion about it on ESPN’s Undisputed broadcast. A memorable moment came when Snoop said, “I’m injured on defense but when I get the ball the injury is gone”.