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So This Is Why Sheryl Lee Ralph Quit ‘Moesha’

Comedy Legends & Icons - Post By Amanda Shaw

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Sheryl Lee Ralph was thrilled to work on ‘Moesha,’ but after several years, issues on and off the set wreaked havoc in her life. Here’s why she quit the show after five seasons.

Sheryl Lee Ralph came from the Broadway stage (which earned her a Tony Award nomination for Dreamgirls) to television, to film, to a South Central club to perform comedy.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, the actress who played Moesha’s mom, left the show after she didn’t like the storyline of one of the episodes, “Secrets & Lies.” In the episode it was revealed that Dorian, played by Ray J, was a bastard child.

She went on to make occasional appearances on the show, but gave up her role as a recurring character.